When we imagine these athletes training, we don’t imagine them spending an hour camped out on the cable cross-over machine. We imagine them performing dynamic and explosive movements that highlight and improve their skills. After all, if you want an athletic physique, the saying goes, you need to train like an athlete.

But what does that really mean? Most of us don’t get a chance to regularly hang out in NFL training centers. Of course, if you’re training for a specific sport, there are going to be some big differences between how you train and how other athletes train. A defensive lineman is going to do things a basketball point guard won’t, for example. If you’re trying to develop general athletic ability, however, there are a handful of attributes that must be prioritized.

At a minimum, an effective athlete should have a balance of strength, explosiveness, and conditioning. Seems simple enough, but how do you put it all together? With a program that uses the right balance of heavy lifts, fast lifts, and a time-proven approach to conditioning.

Source: Bodybuilding.com